Information Architect

Plan, implement and optimise a mission-critical database

The client

A major raw materials institution

The brief

The client was implementing a new SOA platform for a mission-critical system and needed an expert to build the database to support this application.

What I delivered

After establishing the client’s key objectives for the application, I simplified and implemented the data model. One key requirement was the zero loss policy, meaning that under no circumstance any data should be lost. This was ensured by setting up a mirrored database system consisting of three different database servers that constantly replicated all transactions between each other. In case of a failure of one server, another server would immediately take over.

Additionally, I implemented a sophisticated reporting solution consisting of more than twenty business and technical reports based on the business units demands. The reports varied from simple lists to reports combining various data sources and styles. As a compliance requirement, a user management system was built on top of those reports to ensure that only relevant business users have access to the information provided within the reports.

The whole solution was made available via automated install scripts along with detailed technical documentation on installation and operation.