Information Architect

Public Cloud Solution

The client

A major media & broadcast brand

The brief

The client was planning to build a public cloud solution to extend his application functionality.

What I delivered

Due to the complexity of the project, I assumed multiple roles during it’s  course. While responsible for managing the development team from the beginning, I also took over the duties of a hiring manager, architect and technical lead.

The project has been operationally challenging, spanning multiple development teams, continents, time zones and languages.
I clarified goals with the business owners, tasks and documented specifications so the development team could execute with minimal confusion.

Based on my broad base of technical knowledge, I was able to guide the development team and personally contribute to the development process, application and database architecture as well as deployment practices.

I lead the technical evaluation of multiple commercial cloud offerings and the due dilligence of a variety of software components offering supporting functionality for a cloud solution.